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Help & Info about PotPlayer for windows

  • What is PotPlayer?

    This software package is a third-party media player that is able to support numerous different audio and video formats. It is highly flexible and it represents an interesting alternative for those who anyone who requires a change from the more well-known brands on the market.
  • Is PotPlayer free for me to download?

    Unlike some other popular bundles, this media player is free to install. There are no types of subscriptions or payments required. Those who have been looking to save money while still enjoying superior playback should consider this package.
  • Is PotPlayer safe from viruses and other types of malicious programming?

    Regular updates ensure that any minor bugs or programming errors are dealt with in a timely fashion. Much like the other software offered by Softonic, we have checked this player for the presence of potential viruses in advance.
  • How much free memory will I need to install PotPlayer?

    This media player will need a minimum of 20.36 megabytes of free memory. While this is significantly less when compared to similar systems, it is still a good idea to check your system to be sure that the memory is available.
  • Can I monitor my CPU usage directly through PotPlayer?

    When playing HD videos or large files, you might be concerned about performance issues. This is addressed through the use of a proprietary system monitor built directly into the player. You can therefore appreciate the resources that are being utilized at any given time.
  • What types of media files are supported by PotPlayer?

    This player is able to work with most common media formats. These include MP4, MPEG, MOV, MKV and AVI. The fact that it supports QuickTime files is an added bonus in terms of flexibility and functionality.
  • What are some of the most recent changes made to PotPlayer?

    Several notable advancements have been made thanks to recent upgrades. A handful include the capability of swapping stereo channels (to improve audio quality), support for subtitles when playing a DIVX file and improvements to the main menu when accessing DVDs.
  • Can audio files be played with PotPlayer?

    Not only can this media bundle address video files, but you also have the capability of playing back audio files. Common formats such as MP3 are fully supported and you are also able to adjust specific variables with tools such as an equalizer.
  • Am I able to install PotPlayer within a toolbar?

    One of the only potential drawbacks associated with this media player is that it cannot be installed within your toolbar. It will either have to remain open or you will have to view its status via the notifications menu.
  • Can I customize PotPlayer based upon my personal specifications?

    Like most media players, you are able to adjust the features of this unit in order to accommodate your needs. Several skins are available and other variations such as setting this player as the default option are possible. Please check the technical specifications in order to learn about the other options at your disposal.


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Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws.