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"Daum Pot Player"

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The Daum Pot Player has the potential to be a very good video player.But it has a major flaw -- the player does NOT automatically resize the videos to their original size.This makes it bad for formats like flv{what YouTube and most websites use}making the videos blurry.In effect,ALL videos are the same size{flv,avi,HD}.Why none of the reviews haven't mentioned this,I do not know.One other thing I need to mention -- their are NO help files -- that is, in English!There are help files in one of the Asian languages{possibly Japanese or Chinese},but none in English!On the plus side,the Pot Player does have easy to use controls,has audio{equalizer},color,caption and playback controls.The playlist feature is right next to the video image,making playlists easy to get to.The Daum Pot Player is a very good video player,but since it does not automatically ($$$#0#$$$) the videos,it's not one I'll keep.

  • Has easy-to-use controls,has video,{even}color,caption and playback controls.The playlist is right next to the video image,making the playlist easy to get to.
  • A major flaw -- the player does NOT automatically resize the videos.ALL videos are the same size.Also too,there are no help files in English.

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24 May 2012

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